NHPCO’s CEO Reports on his Listening Tour from Las Vegas

NHPCO CEO Edo Banach reported from his first Listening Tour location in Las Vegas:

NHPCO team meets with the senior leadership team at a Las Vegas area hospice and palliative care provider

“We spoke about the fact that we are facing more challenges today than in the past. Being a hospice provider is far more complex than it was four decades ago. Oversight, scrutiny and increasing compliance demands are only a few of these things that concern us all. We’re all facing ongoing change. That said, we should never forget that with change comes a valuable

opportunity for us to innovate and continually examine what we do, how we do it, and what the needs are of those we serve.”

Upcoming Listening Tour locations include:

•    Kansas City, MO – June 19
•    New York City, NY – July 12
•    Alexandria, VA – July 13
•    Atlanta, GA – July 24
•    Denver, CO – TBD
•    Boston, MA – TBD

There’s still time to register to attend one of the free Summer Listen Tour sessions.

Read the entire report from the Las Vegas listening event here.

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