Catch this? “Five Elements of a Successful QAPI Program”

Kris Mastrangelo, CEO Harmony Healthcare Intl,

by Kris Mastrangelo

Harmony Healthcare International (HHI) recommends facilities investigate the current strength of the QAA committee to determine how well the team is poised for the transition to QAPI. If the team is meeting only quarterly to meet the minimum requirements, the facility will have a more difficult transition and will want to allow plenty of time to develop initiatives, data-streams, perform root cause to identify internal trends and time for subcommittee development for initiative ownership.

There are 5 elements to a successful QAPI program:

Element 1: Design and Scope

The QAPI Program must be ongoing and comprehensive. It must address all services provided by the facility and it extends to all departments in the facility. QAPI addresses clinical care, quality of life issues, resident choice, and safe and effective care transitions. It will utilize the best available evidence to define and measure goals. Facilities will be required to develop a written QAPI plan that adheres to these principles.

Element 2: Governance and Leadership:

The QAPI Program must be developed with input and participation from facility staff, residents, and family members/patient representatives. It will be the responsibility of the governing body to confirm the QAPI program is given the resources that it needs, including staff time for meetings, training of key staff as necessary, ongoing functioning of the program even in times of staffing turnover, and accountability to the changes that the QAPI program makes. The governing body also safeguards that staff accountability is balanced with a culture in which staff are not punished for errors and do not fear retaliation for reporting quality concerns.

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