Thirteen-year-old Canadian Teen donates $1,500 in profits to Hospice

Sudbury, Ontario (CBC News) June 14, 2017

Will Kilbride, a Sudbury teenager, is using his entrepreneurial skills to help raise money for the local hospice.

The 13-year-old Carl Nesbitt Public School student was given an assignment to create a business.

Jason, Will, Kristie and Emma Kilbride are all helping Will with his Soaps for Sudbury company. All profits from soap sales will be donated to the local hospice. (Casey Stranges/CBC)

He developed Soaps for Sudbury, and decided to donate the proceeds to the hospice.

“I thought soaps and scrubs were becoming popular,” Will said. “So it would be a good idea to make them.”

So far, Will’s soaps have made around $1500. He’s hoping to raise over $2000.

Will’s father, Jason, says it’s a proud moment.

“You know, sometimes as a parent, you wonder how you’re doing because it’s a very difficult job sometimes,” he said. “And it’s moments like that that sort of give you the idea that maybe at some point, you’re doing something right.”

Listen to an interview of Will and his Hospice fundraiser here.


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