Hospice Consultant


Provides Hospice
Diagnostic Audits

Hospice and Home Health Consultant and CHAP Surveyor   Certified Hospice and Palliative Care RN provides expert home health and hospice consulting.   Home Health and Hospice Consultant   Carol Anderson blog RSS feed


Contact Carol for more information on Consulting services.

Off-site services include

  • ADR support,
  • Plan of corrections post regulatory survey process, and
  • Clinical Leader selection, orientation, coaching and evaluation.

Local Services in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area:

  • Hospice mock surveys for regulatory readiness
  • Quarterly record reviews and performance improvement projects
  • Facilitation of Professional Advisory meetings
  • Facilitation of Strategic Planning
  • ADR support
  • Governing Body Orientation
  • PAC Orientation/Education
    Staff education
  • Clinical Leader Development
  • Clinical Leader selection, education, and evaluation

Hospice Diagnostic Audit

A quick but comprehensive review of your current practices consisting of review of 3 clinical records, 3 personnel records, and committee meeting minutes, GB, PAC, and QAPI for $1,000.

Review is conducted offsite via mailing records or electronic access resulting in a report of Medicare deficiencies, CHAP Required Actions, and Opportunities to Improve.

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