Palliative Podcast: Community Healing with Dying Well Collective

AUSTIN, TX (PRLog) April 9, 2017

Glenda Myles, Founder and Co-Director of the Dying Well Collective in Ontario, Canada shares with us about the service they are giving in the area, not only to families but to the community.

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She is a doula of birth, death, and rebirth. A doula (Greek for a woman who serves) provides support, care and nurturing to those in transition (birth and death and rebirthing into a new part of their journey). As she watched both life and death, it was the in between that became more and more fascinating. And so, she dances in the in-betweens and here finds the wisdom of the ages and connect more deeply to her purpose and helps others connect to theirs.

Her non-profit organization, Dying Well Collective, aims to create space for conversation of dying, death and grief in many shapes and forms and to directly support those who are dying and their families. She hosts monthly public death cafes and regular private death cafes for organizations and businesses. She creates a non-threatening space for these conversations to change our perspective on dying and death.

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