Video Excerpt About a Young Mother & $0.99 eBook for NHDD

In honor of National Healthcare Decisions Day, we in the palliative world have been sharing tools and information to help persons understand the importance of making their healthcare wishes known.

When we can hear what it is persons most want, before it’s too late, we can help them have exactly the death THEY want and need, rather than assuming incorrectly or worrying because we’re unsure.

The video below is about a young mother, not yet ready to give up, and her wisdom in telling this chaplain exactly what she did, and did not, need.  It was a humbling lesson I’ll never forget.

The more we understand, the less we fear the end of life, the better we can live freely and fully in the life that we do have.  I hope you’ll be as moved be this young momma as I was.

To help persons understand hospice and the end of life more and fear it less, I wrote Hospice Whispers: Stories of Life.  The eBook is available through Amazon for only $0.99 through Saturday (4/22).

With a couple of clicks and a few bucks, you can help start the conversation with your loved ones.

Don’t worry, the 38 stories aren’t all 2-hanky weepers like this one!  They will laugh, they will think, they may mist up, but they will learn and heave a sigh of relief…or so I’ve been told by readers :-)


Learn more at and hospice

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