The Journey Radio

THE JOURNEY Radio is the world’s first Palliative Care podcast. Join Deanna Cochran as she interviews physicians, healers, local heroes and a variety of people on the path of assisting people with serious illness or who are or have dealt with it. WE are all affected by issues of health, illness, recovery, dying, death and bereavement. WE all have a say. The show is not about the outcome of the illness, but about the journey … about living in the day as peacefully and comfortably as possible.

About the Host

Deanna Cochran is Principal of Quality of Life Care, LLC, devoted to palliative care and end of life issues. She is a Certified Hospice & Palliative RN and trains end-of-life doulas worldwide. She has a very special hospice care service and consults with other organizations who serve the ill and the elderly.

Palliative Podcast: Dr. Michael Barbato, Moment of Death Research

In our discussion today Dr. Barbato explains the whole process of what they did and some theories as to what may actually be going on. Listen to this week’s palliative podcast here. Dr. Micahel Barbato has stayed busy enlightening us…

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Palliative Podcast: Are You the ‘Go-to’ Person of Your Circle?

The “Go to” person is that special person within a circle that people know they can turn to during serious situations. Listen to Are You the ‘Go-to’ Person of Your Circle? Whether it has to do with end of life or…

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Palliative Podcast: “The Calling,” You Have It or You Don’t

Listen to “The Calling,” You Have It or You Don’t here Anyone can receive end of life training to know more about the time period, what to do, how to be helpful and to feel more comfortable assisting others. But…

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Palliative Podcast: When Do I Refer to Hospice (as a Death Doula)?

This episode is not only great for end of life doulas, but for anyone in the medical system or outside of it who accompanies others through serious illness. Listen to today’s palliative podcast here. End of Life Doulas are not…

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Palliative Podcast: Birth, Breath, & Death with Amy Wright Glenn

Birth doulas and death doulas are in the news and we are beginning to make sense to people. Meet a birth and death doula who is helping to bring all this home. Listen to today’s Palliative Podcast When I had…

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Palliative Podcast: Nurse With the Purple Hair – A New Film by Sean Cunningham

From the director of Friday 13th comes an unexpectedly touching and uplifting story honoring Hospice Care Workers: The Nurse with the Purple Hair. Listen to today’s palliative podcast here. In a surprising turn of events, Sean Cunningham, an internationally acclaimed…

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Palliative Podcast: Experience At the Bedside DOES Matter

As an end of life practitioner, having experience underneath you really does matter. We all must start somewhere yes. Get a group of hospice professionals together as we share stories of our beginning days and you will hear the funniest…

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Palliative Podcast: Why End of Life Doulas MUST Know About Palliative Care

Listen to today’s Palliative Podcast here. Palliative Care? You mean the care that hospice gives when you are dying? NO! Do you mean the care you receive when there is nothing else ‘they’ can do? NO! Oh, so you mean…

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Palliative Podcast: The Sacred Life Journey of Sharon Lund

Listen to today’s Palliative Podcast Last night sitting outside beside the powerful Maui ocean, Sharon and I talked about her own life and death journey. She has been serving others at the end of life since 1986 in a variety…

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Palliative Podcast: Community Healing with Dying Well Collective

AUSTIN, TX (PRLog) April 9, 2017 Glenda Myles, Founder and Co-Director of the Dying Well Collective in Ontario, Canada shares with us about the service they are giving in the area, not only to families but to the community. Listen…

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